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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Event Lighting Details

I am a huge fan of proper lighting for your event.
Many times this is overlooked, but wow it sure does make a BIG IMPACT!

This is a buffet we use at Savory Event Catering for our buffet displays. It looks great with our signature parfaits!

This wedding was a backyard summer celebration in Utah County. If you're looking for a caterer in Springville UT, give us a call!

Delicious Fianciers... these are a huge hit right now in our business.

Bistro lighting really does add a certain ambiance that is hard to mimic with anything else. 

Think about all the best restaurants you've been to... they all have soft, dim lighting, which is very flattering to everyone. Since we cater outdoors, it is often difficult to recreate this. But when a client chooses bistro lighting, it helps set a classic elegant mood to their wedding or corporate party.

This couple carried the lighting details throughout the space.  The bride is a lighting designer, so it was important to her to bring in different levels of light. Absolutely beautiful!

Simple centerpieces in a round brass vase, with mosaic gold candle holders. It was a perfect night :)

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