"The more pasisonate the cook, the better the flavors" -Charles M. Carroll

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Featured Wedding on BrideAccess

One of the wedding trends for 2013 is RUSTIC. 
Barns, burlap and good food are the hallmarks of this style. 

"You May Kiss the Blog" by BrideAccess recently posted about a recent event we catered. It was a great event with fabulous food. Check out their post: 2013 Wedding Trend: Rustic Barn Wedding. Wedding Inspirations Logo Banner

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wedding Consultation

 Weddings are such a special occasion that we want everything to be perfect for your special day. Our Chef likes to have a special consultation with each bride to make sure the food fits her various needs. Here is all you'll need to know about consulting with our executive chef at Savory.

How it works

   Chef Lou will sit down with you and your groom (or mother, or maid of honor) and get to know you a little bit. She likes to do this because she likes to put your personalities or your story into the food served at your wedding. For example, one of our brides and her fiance were quite outdoorsy. Their engagements pictures had them by a stream, building a tent, and roasting marshmallows.  For their reception we had a S'mores action station. The guests had fun roasting their marshmallows to perfection, adding chocolate and smashing it between two cookies. It was a fun reflection of their personality and history.
   After getting to know you, Chef Lou will create a customized invoice for your wedding. She will use time-tested favorites or even create new dishes to fit you and the event. You have the freedom to alter the invoice as many times until you find the perfect combination for your wedding.

What to bring or prepare for

Although you don't need to bring anything, it's a good idea to talk with your fiance about what you want out of the food for your wedding. Here are some questions to go over with your better half:
  • Do we want a full dinner or just appetizers?
  • Do we want just desserts or include a variety of sweet and non-sweet items?
  • Do we want our guests to leave with a full stomach or provide them with a snack. 
  • Is our reception more formal or casual?
  • Are we having a certain theme or style for our reception?
Knowing these questions beforehand will help give Lou a good idea of what you envision.  Some other things factors will determine how much and the type of food served at your wedding including time of day, location, guest allergies/food preference, season, number of guests, etc. If you have other questions or concerns Chef Lou will be happy to answer those for you. She is here to help you plan and create a memorable experience for you and all your guests.

Chef Lou with her husband at an Italian cooking school 2 years ago.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fresh Ingredients

 Spring is always an exciting time of the year. The trees are budding, colorful flowers are blooming, and our part of the world is becoming green again. For me, spring brings the anticipation of eating fresh(er) fruits and vegetables. I love visiting the roadside stands and picking out the best apples, melons, and fresh corn.

Vibrant purple Hyacinth. It smelled SO good.

Fresh ingredients are the best ingredients. There is no contest about it. Try it yourself. Take a can of canned corn (my husband, for some reason, loves canned corn) and a fresh ear of corn. Eat the two types side by side and you can taste a difference. Both taste like corn, but the fresher corn has a bigger depth of flavor. Plus it's doesn't taste like preservatives.

My love of fresh ingredients comes from my family. My siblings and I grew up tilling, planting, weeding, and harvesting our small garden. It is a beautiful and exciting process to see a tiny seed be planted, poke out of the ground and become a full fledged plant. I tried to learn as much as I could about the different plants and their varying needs.  Those same concepts I learned as a young whippersnapper are used at Savory.

We believe in using only the freshest ingredients from our approved sources. Just yesterday Chef Lou had me taste test some muffins we were sampling from a store. She picked up on a slight preservative aftertaste in the muffin and we decided that we could make a better tasting, fresher muffin. We also translate that same idea of working together into our own catering family.

See the difference yourself! Whether your home be big or small, try growing your own garden. Plant some fresh herbs, an upside-down tomato plant, fruit trees, peppers, squash, etc.

Cook with fresh ingredients, it'll make all the difference.