"The more pasisonate the cook, the better the flavors" -Charles M. Carroll

Friday, April 19, 2013

Meet the Company

Mckell Bennett

Similar to a lot of small businesses, Savory truly is a family company. It all started when Lou Crandall followed her passion, went to school and then started a business. At one time or another, her family has been put to work in some way or another. Such is the case with Mckell. 

Mckell has worked for Savory for many years in the kitchen as well as on events. Starting out with no formal culinary education, Lou taught Mckell how to cook in a professional kitchen. Now, Mckell works full time as Savory's Operations Manager where she handles marketing, accounts receivable, process development, and office management to name a few. She loves to plan events, be organized and check things off a "To Do" list.

Mckell loves the outdoors and is always up for frozen yogurt.

 Mckell grew up in Utah and after high school pursued a degree in theater design at Brigham Young University. Her love of theater has helped in the catering business as she brings up new and inventive ideas, knows how to work hard, be organized and meet a deadline, and to quickly find solutions to impromptu emergencies. Sometimes she will even play her Disney or Broadway musical playlist over the kitchen radio.

She is a great addition to the team at Savory Catering!

Mckell with some of the crew at the February 16th Bridal Fair at the Tower at Rice Eccles.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Full Service Catering

Over the years we've heard many brides say, "I'm having my Aunt-so-and-so do the food for my weddding." What many people don't realize, is that catering is a lot of work. There are so many things and details to figure out and your wonderfully helpful Aunt may be too overwhelmed and stressed with everything that a wedding celebration requires.

Although we applaud your Aunt's efforts and her willingness, in some things, it's best to hire professionals. Our Chef has been catering for 13 years, 2 1/2 of those years at Savory. She knows details that your Aunt Hilda might not be aware of.

Savory comes with an entire crew to take care of your wedding so you can enjoy a stress free evening with friends and family. The crew prepares all the food, transports it to your location, designs the presentation of the food, sets up the buffet or tables, replenishes the buffet, buses tables, and cleans up. We want all of your guests to have a good time and not be stuck back in the kitchen during the reception.

Here is just a small look at what we do as a crew:

Adding finishing touches to the buffet.

Here, she is rimming our martini glasses with an edible glitter-sugar rimmer for our bubbly blue raspberry mocktail.

The mini potatoes are cooked and ready to be finished off with a dollop of herbed cheese and chives.

Each spoon is individually arranged with the Asian salad, rice sticks, black sesame seeds and diagonally-cut scallions.


She is wiping off any stray herbs or spills off of the plate. A clean presentation is crucial to making the food look appetizing, not that we need any help with our food tasting good!

Here we are replenishing the buffet so guests can enjoy all the food choices at once. We never like to make guests wait to enjoy their food.

Elegance, Lace, Pearls and Grace

Within our team of wedding professionals, we have a presentation designer who designs the look of the presentation of the food. Whether you're having a plated dinner or buffet-style appetizers, our tables are decorated to match your style, colors, and theme. Each table scape is personalized to the event and includes many personal touches.

It's all in the details

At our our most recent wedding, the bride wanted a very feminine elegance. We incorporated a lot of shiny silver and glass, crystal, white, soft pinks, candlelight, and clean lines in the buffet.

The food even matched the theme: beautiful presentation, sophisticated flavors and elegant displays. We served our pork crostini, mini potato bites, Asian pasta salad on an Asian spoon, a bubbly blue raspberry mocktail and lemon-flavored water.

We love HEIGHT on our buffets. See how many levels we incorporate.

We used a sheer pink ribbon for the detail on these candles; our designer opted for a knot instead of a bow.
The candles were displayed on these beautiful candlesticks. The elegant lace, pearl, and flower motif went well with the theme of the buffet.
Candlelight makes a BIG DIFFERENCE on a buffet! We had a variety of floating tea lights and votives in different vases. We also added details like shiny crystal and clear rocks to the vases.
This cupcake stand does more than hold cupcakes! We used it to serve our Asian Pasta salad on individual spoons. This is a fun feature for guests to get their food- we'll be using this a lot more!

We also took the opportunity to add candlelight on every tier. I love the way it looks.

We served our NEW Bubbly Blue Raspberry Mocktail on our signature light box. The back-lit surface looked so elegant with the crystal Martini glasses. We also added edible glitter in the sugar rimmer- and extra touch of flair to this sophisticated buffet.


Signage is an important part of the buffet: it informs the guests what they're eating as well as continuing to carry on the theme. Every card is handmade by our presentation designer.

Congratulations and best wishes for the happy couple!