"The more pasisonate the cook, the better the flavors" -Charles M. Carroll

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's official! We're moving!

The day has finally arrived: we are moving into our new building!

We even have an awning- aren't we chic?

It's been a long process but we are so happy to have more cooking and storage space. Pictures of the inside will be forthcoming- look for them in the near future!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuiles and Frills

If you've read some of our past blog posts you may find a lot of terms that you 
don't recognize or can even pronounce.

For example: "Amuse Bouche", "Crudites" and "Tuiles"are all words or phrases we've probably never heard before, probably because you've never been to Culinary School. That's because the French had a big influence on the development of the culinary arts and culinary schools today still use those French terms.

Tuiles. What are Tuiles and how do you pronounce it? Our American pronunciation of this French word might be more like "twill". A tuile is thin, crisp, cookie or wafer used to garnish foods. At Savory catering we always garnish our foods, especially our desserts. It's the "cherry on top" for the presentation.

Check out some of the Tuiles and other frills we've displayed on our food
 Striped cookie tuile on top of these coconut guava parfaits
 This salted caramel gelato has a chocolate cookie twist tuile

Our Cranberry Apple Crisp has a dried apple slice for a garnish 
The same "chocolate cigarette" is used on both of these desserts.

 This Blood Orange Pomtini has a glitter sugar rimmer and a cranberry garnish

 This Blood Orange Mocktail has a crisp tangerine frill for a fun "flower" effect.
More garnishes for mocktails can be seen on a previous post.

 This white chocolate shard was made especially with a "music transfer" for a bride and groom who had met in a music class
Our Chocolate Mousse Cups come with edible "steam"

This Prickly Pear Sorbet has two garnishes: it has a sugar shard and a wedge of dragon fruit

Chef Lou loves to create entertaining and inventive garnishes for all her dishes!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celebrating 80 years

No, the title does not refer to how old Savory is or any of it's employees, but rather it's because we recently catered an 80th birthday celebration.

We served handmade mango salsa with corn and guacamole tortilla chips


Delicious guava and coconut parfaits with pound cake crumbles and a cookie tuile

In keeping with the color scheme we had blueberry flavored water

A display table was set up highlighting some of his achievements and accomplishments  


Happy 80th Vern! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wedding Show: Pictures

On Saturday we were at the Wedding Expo at Thanksgiving Point. We handed out free samples of our Blood Orange Pomtini, Pork Crostini, and Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits to those who visited our booth and enjoyed their reactions to our delicious food.

Thanks goes to Brittany Loose and her team at Thanksgiving Point who coordinated this expo- we had a lot of fun!

In addition: Our booth won 2nd place at the Wedding Expo's January "Best Booth". Thanks to all who voted, it was a very fun day!
Come see us at our next bridal show, Feb 2, 2013 at the Utah Valley Convention Center