"The more pasisonate the cook, the better the flavors" -Charles M. Carroll

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Upgraded Blog

Hello fellow food lovers!

Our growing company has made some small changes to the way our blog is run. It is now linked through our website. Continue to read our blog here:

We will still post pictures and reports of our events in addition to sharing our fabulous recipes and charming you with our wit and good looks.

See you online!

-The Savory Team

Friday, June 28, 2013

Spring Luncheon

Last week we had the opportunity to cater a luncheon for a local book club in Salt Lake. The event was held at a beautiful home near the University of Utah, and the weather cooperated enough to hold the event outside.

We served fresh handmade rolls, a berry-mango salad with chicken, warm corn chowder and our unique double chocolate charlottes.

"You made this?"

As the ladies were arriving they gawked at all the food- especially the charlottes. Some were surprised to learn that we handmade every bit of their food: from fresh rolls that were made that morning in our kitchen (not bought from a store!), to the small butterfly tuiles that garnished the dessert. It was fun to tell these ladies that we don't cut corners on the preparation of our food. We like to serve the very best!

I love everything about this dessert: the patterned cake, the white chocolate ganache, and the butterfly tuile! Beautiful!

We sure had a wonderful time catering your luncheon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quintero Wedding: Reception

Sarah, one of Chef Lou's culinary school friends, had her wedding reception later that night. Throughout the night the room was filled with friends and family munching on delicious bites while catching up with each other. The room was gorgeous and so was the beautiful glowing bride.

The reception hall at the Fox Hollow Golf Course was a spacious and attractive room.

The flower centerpieces were absolutely gorgeous. LOVED them!

To add height to the buffet, we put our cute ribbon-wrapped candles on these elegant candlesticks.

On the food side of things, Sarah and Nick wanted an appetizer buffet with a good selection of sweet and non-sweet items. 

Our famous Pork Crostini- always a big hit

We're finding that our Southwestern Sweet Potato bites please every palate; they were gobbled up so quickly!

Our modern signage fit well with the decor and Sarah's colors.

Some of the less-adventurous people really missed out on our pistachio gelato- it was so tasty and Chef Lou's culinary friends raved about it!

These individual cones were so darling!

We served 3 types of perfect cookies: the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie was loaded with all the good stuff, the Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookie was chewy and dense, and the Orange cookie was soft and moist.

As an event staff, we really enjoyed catering your wedding, 
Thanks Sarah!

Read about the luncheon we did earlier in the day for Sarah: Quintero Wedding: Luncheon

Monday, June 24, 2013

Quintero Wedding: Luncheon

When Lou went to Culinary school at UVU she became the "Momma Hen" to some of her colleges who were in their early 20's; it has all the perks of watching them "grow up" without out the task of actually parenting them. One of them, Sarah, got married last week and we were so glad when she asked us to cater her wedding.

Sarah had the luncheon and reception at the Fox Hollow Golf Course in American Fork. For the luncheon we served handmade chicken fetuccini, multi-grain rolls, asparagus, a fresh green salad and double chocolate charlottes. Everyone loved the food and kept coming back for seconds.

Everything is ready and piping hot for the guests!

We made these charlottes to match Sarah's colors. They were darling!

On the buffet we accented with candles and this cute yellow and orange ribbon

We had two guests who required lactose and gluten free meals. For their dessert we made this cranberry orange sorbet.

The two culinary buddies. Isn't the bride gorgeous?

Congratulations and best wishes to Nick and Sarah!