"The more pasisonate the cook, the better the flavors" -Charles M. Carroll

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Magical Seasoning

I had a friend at Culinary school introduce me to Johnny's seasonings. 
 Like the label says, it's pure magic.

 I mainly use Johnny's when cooking meat but its uses extend to vegetable, home made fries, soups and burgers. 

It's important to salt and season your meat before cooking; it helps the seasoning become part of the meat rather than have it taste like meat with salt. I like to sprinkle Johnny's on just before I start to cook the meat. You can also use other spice rubs but this one is already mixed! It works well on any kind of meat- beef, pork, chicken, and fish.

Simply seasoning the meat before cooking makes a big difference in the dish. Try it for your next meal and wow your tasters with its' depth a flavor!


  1. Johnny's is a magical seasoning! I'm addicted to their garlic variety, too!

    1. I think Rich is the one who showed us the garlic flavor. It's great!