"The more pasisonate the cook, the better the flavors" -Charles M. Carroll

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cooking Class: A+

 In September and October Savory Event Catering  held community ed cooking classes in Salem, Ut.  Classes were on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 9:30.
Each class had a full course meal with detailed menus and instructions for each dish.


In our most recent class we started out by cooking some butter flake rolls!

Several folds are required for the rolls.  Spreading butter on each layer is important because as the butter melts during the cooking process, it leaves a negative space that makes a separation between the layers and creates the signature "pull-apart" texture.

While the rolls were rising we started making the rice pilaf.


Next we put together a colorful salad with fresh blackberries, mangoes, toasted almonds and coconut flakes tossed in a delicious coconut.

OOPS- overcooked!  We got too busy demonstrating techniques and talking.  Good thing the recipe
 filled another tray :)

 To finish off the night we made Pork Saltimboca: prosciutto and pork breaded 
in a Panko-herb mixture

 The meal was delicious! And to top if off, Chef Lou handed out brownies as the class left the kitchen. All in all, the class was a total success!

We'll be offering more cooking classes starting in 2013. Come have fun with us!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Refined Rustic Details

When a bride asks for rustic, we like to think of it as rustic refined.
We love rustic because it reminds us of home. We don't particularly like country kitsch. 
Here's how Savory does Rustic without boring :)

TEXTURES! Rustic to us means bringing in lots of varied textures.
Burlap, fresh maple leaves, moss, florals, coffee beans (plus it makes it smell so delicious), flax seeds, pumpkin seeds in apothecary jars.

 We hollowed out artichokes to use as candle-holders. Stay tuned this week for this super easy DIY!

Whenever possible we love to use fruit as accent to the buffet decor. Recall this wedding, with lemons as decorations?

Bark tree vases with dried florals.

Rustic herb flavored water: just a little bit of flavoring so it is not too overpowering :). Delicious and refreshing.

Chalkboard labels with twine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sundance Soiree

If you're from Utah, you love Sundance Resort.
If you're not from Utah, you may only know about Sundance through that film festival that occurs every winter.

Autumn is an amazing season for Utah's mountains.
This wedding we catered last week was absolutely amazing.
Small, intimate, thoughtful, detailed. I loved the ambiance here when the moon came out, on a crisp autumn evening.

We, the Savory Catering family were pleased to be a part of your celebration.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sliders! What are Sliders?

At Savory Catering, we craft a specialty sauce to go with each of our sliders.
NO you will NOT find mayonnaise and definitely not miracle whip here!
These are our #1 selling item, but we can craft any type: beef sliders, pastrami sliders, ham, turkey, bacon, avocado, vegetarian, falafel, mushroom... meet with us to determine your custom crafted menu today!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Event Lighting Details

I am a huge fan of proper lighting for your event.
Many times this is overlooked, but wow it sure does make a BIG IMPACT!

This is a buffet we use at Savory Event Catering for our buffet displays. It looks great with our signature parfaits!

This wedding was a backyard summer celebration in Utah County. If you're looking for a caterer in Springville UT, give us a call!

Delicious Fianciers... these are a huge hit right now in our business.

Bistro lighting really does add a certain ambiance that is hard to mimic with anything else. 

Think about all the best restaurants you've been to... they all have soft, dim lighting, which is very flattering to everyone. Since we cater outdoors, it is often difficult to recreate this. But when a client chooses bistro lighting, it helps set a classic elegant mood to their wedding or corporate party.

This couple carried the lighting details throughout the space.  The bride is a lighting designer, so it was important to her to bring in different levels of light. Absolutely beautiful!

Simple centerpieces in a round brass vase, with mosaic gold candle holders. It was a perfect night :)