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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fresh Herbs: Adding Flavor to your Dish

We believe in fresh herbs

Our goal at Savory is to have a depth of flavor to each dish; that's why we hand make 98% of all our food in addition to using fresh herbs.

To use an analogy...using dry herbs is like having only one sparkler lit during a 4th of July celebration whereas using fresh herbs is like having the best fireworks display in the world. It really makes a difference!

Here are some of our favorite herbs:
Thyme. We all joke that we can never get enough "time" but at Savory, we really can't ever get enough Thyme! It's our favorite herb because it's very universal and quite mild. When using, remember to get rid of most of the woody stalk, using only the leaves and pliable stems.

Italian parsley. This kind of parsley is much milder than the curly parsley you're probably more familiar with. It goes well in most dishes. Cut off most of the stem at the bottom and chop up the rest to use.

Oregano. Its most modern use is in Italian cooking but it is used in all kinds of ethnic dishes. Tear the leaves off the stem and use to add flavor to any dish.
Sage. Its leaves are very soft and it is great in chicken dishes. Pull the leaves off the stem and chop from there.
 Basil. This is a spice you might be familiar with. It has a wonderful distinct smell. Tear the leaves off the stem and chop till your heart's content!
Cilantro. One of my favorite herbs to use for Hispanic dishes. It has some citrus overtones which makes it go well with salsa and guacamole. Its aroma is one of my favorite smells. Cut off most of the stem and chop up the rest.

Taste the difference from ordinary to extraordinary by using Savory for your next party!

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