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Friday, June 14, 2013

Charlottes- a work of art

It seems that in the culinary world there is an (un)spoken competition to make the latest and greatest tasty mouthful. Our Charlottes are something we're very proud of.

Take a small glimpse into the making of these impressive desserts:

First, you start with a stencil. With a silpat mat underneath, a layer of pastry decorating paste is spread over the stencil. The stencil is removed, and the pattern stays on the silpat mat.

After freezing the stencil, we made one Jaconde Sponge recipe, which is a thin cake with almond flour. The batter gets spread over the colored pattern and baked for a couple of minutes. After cooling, we turned over the pan and out comes the Jaconde Sponge with a bright pattern.

We have several different stencils and color possibilities so each dessert can be unique

We then trimed the edges of the cake, and measured out strips for our ring molds.

Here we have our cake cut to the right size for our molds.

Before putting in the cake, a very important step is to line the ring molds with acetate strips. This makes it come out of the mold much easier.

We line the molds with the patterened cake. It's an involved process that takes a lot of fine tuning.

After the rings are lined with our patterened cake, we start to fill it up. This Charlotte was a multi-layered cake: we put in our milk chocolate layer first, put it in the freezer to harden, and repeated the process with the white chocolate layer.

After the second layer hardened, we put on a shiny dark chocolate ganache, let it harden, then took the molds off, garnished the top and Voila! a beautiful Charlotte is born.

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