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Monday, March 11, 2013

Action Station

The latest and greatest from the culinary world are action stations.
For those not "in the know", action stations are a place at the event where a Chef prepares your food right in front of you! These are great for custom orders or items that need to be served immediately. 

Last year we had a coconut shrimp action station:

Our Chef fried the coconut shrimp fresh for your order! This ensured that the shrimp was crispy and not dull and limp.

We had a spicy-sweet dipping sauce that paired well with the coconut shrimp. Guests also loved the interaction with the chef. It was hands-on, fun, and delicious.

Adding an action station to your event lets your guests have a unique experience. No longer is it boring food spread out on a platter, but rather something they can customize.

These are fun Chef action station ideas:

Sweet crepes: fresh fruit, chocolate spreads, whipped spreads, all served on a fresh crepe.

Grilled panini bar: you get to choose the meat, cheese, and vegetables for your sandwich!

Gelato bar: perfect refreshing treat for any summer event, served in a mini cone.  Think of serving flavors like lavender, toasted sesame seed, salted caramel gelato, grapefruit, root beer, raspberry, lime, mint chocolate chip, pistachio, etc.

Gourmet Grilled cheese bar: great for casual events where the guests can add as much variety as they want to this kid's classic. 

Talk with Chef Lou today about the action station you want at your next event.

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