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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Preferred Reception Center: Stewart Mountain Lodging

Cozy. Breathtaking. Romantic.
 The cabins at Stewart Mountian Lodging near Sundance is a perfect place to host a party.

 With 16 cabins to choose from you can really get the look you want. They have a cozy cottage with a beautiful garden, to a vaulted ceiling log-cabin with big windows. The cabins are great for family parties, work parties, or weddings!

The cabins are great all year round: In spring, everything is green, new, and colorful. For summer, it's a nice respite from the heat in the valley. In fall the leaves come alive in a brilliant display of colors and nice breath of fresh air. Then in winter it's peaceful when everything is covered in white.

Savory loves to serve food that is reminiscent of Mom's home cooking. We make palatable, comfortable food, suitable to the setting.

In October we did a wedding up at one of the cabins and it was so beautiful. It was a great reflection of the bride and groom who like the simple elegance of the outdoors.

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