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Friday, April 5, 2013

Accessories: adding style and flair

In fashion, accessories play a very important role in your outfit. It can add flair, a pop of color or even complete the entire ensemble. Besides it's fun to see a striking necklace or a vibrant handbag.

For culinary presentation it is no different. Making your food look good is just as important as making it taste delicious. When the food is exciting to look at it provides a better entertainment factor. Take, for example the next two pictures. (both of these are taken off the web, but you get the idea)

Boring butternut squash soup. Looks more like baby food.                         Same kind of soup but gussied up a little. Yum!

We love to dress up our food; it look more appetizing AND we enjoy doing it! Recently we did a mocktail tasting for a couple and we had so much fun putting this non-alcoholic drinks together.

Martini glasses rimmed and ready to be filled.

 A lot of things can be used to rim the edge of the glass. In the past we've used red hots, lemon heads, chocolate, citric acid (like in sour patch kids), edible glitter, koolaid punch packets, sugar, cinnamon, sprinkles and so much more.
Cherry Pina Colada

Mimosa and a Brazillian Mojito
 For the rimmers, we like to incorporate the flavor of the dish. This Brazillian Mojito is like a creamy limeade with a hint of mint. For the rimmer we chopped up mint leaves and combined it with a sugar concoction.

We also like to add flair to our drinks. The mimosa has an orange skewer. Sometimes we'll put on a candied lime or tangerine slice, or a fresh watermelon or pineapple wedge. We also like to put our drinks in fun cups too. At this tasting we served Root beer in a coca-cola glass, milky mint in a milk bottle topped with a grasshopper cookie.

Dress up your event with our wide selection of mocktails!

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