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Friday, April 19, 2013

Meet the Company

Mckell Bennett

Similar to a lot of small businesses, Savory truly is a family company. It all started when Lou Crandall followed her passion, went to school and then started a business. At one time or another, her family has been put to work in some way or another. Such is the case with Mckell. 

Mckell has worked for Savory for many years in the kitchen as well as on events. Starting out with no formal culinary education, Lou taught Mckell how to cook in a professional kitchen. Now, Mckell works full time as Savory's Operations Manager where she handles marketing, accounts receivable, process development, and office management to name a few. She loves to plan events, be organized and check things off a "To Do" list.

Mckell loves the outdoors and is always up for frozen yogurt.

 Mckell grew up in Utah and after high school pursued a degree in theater design at Brigham Young University. Her love of theater has helped in the catering business as she brings up new and inventive ideas, knows how to work hard, be organized and meet a deadline, and to quickly find solutions to impromptu emergencies. Sometimes she will even play her Disney or Broadway musical playlist over the kitchen radio.

She is a great addition to the team at Savory Catering!

Mckell with some of the crew at the February 16th Bridal Fair at the Tower at Rice Eccles.

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