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Monday, April 15, 2013

Elegance, Lace, Pearls and Grace

Within our team of wedding professionals, we have a presentation designer who designs the look of the presentation of the food. Whether you're having a plated dinner or buffet-style appetizers, our tables are decorated to match your style, colors, and theme. Each table scape is personalized to the event and includes many personal touches.

It's all in the details

At our our most recent wedding, the bride wanted a very feminine elegance. We incorporated a lot of shiny silver and glass, crystal, white, soft pinks, candlelight, and clean lines in the buffet.

The food even matched the theme: beautiful presentation, sophisticated flavors and elegant displays. We served our pork crostini, mini potato bites, Asian pasta salad on an Asian spoon, a bubbly blue raspberry mocktail and lemon-flavored water.

We love HEIGHT on our buffets. See how many levels we incorporate.

We used a sheer pink ribbon for the detail on these candles; our designer opted for a knot instead of a bow.
The candles were displayed on these beautiful candlesticks. The elegant lace, pearl, and flower motif went well with the theme of the buffet.
Candlelight makes a BIG DIFFERENCE on a buffet! We had a variety of floating tea lights and votives in different vases. We also added details like shiny crystal and clear rocks to the vases.
This cupcake stand does more than hold cupcakes! We used it to serve our Asian Pasta salad on individual spoons. This is a fun feature for guests to get their food- we'll be using this a lot more!

We also took the opportunity to add candlelight on every tier. I love the way it looks.

We served our NEW Bubbly Blue Raspberry Mocktail on our signature light box. The back-lit surface looked so elegant with the crystal Martini glasses. We also added edible glitter in the sugar rimmer- and extra touch of flair to this sophisticated buffet.


Signage is an important part of the buffet: it informs the guests what they're eating as well as continuing to carry on the theme. Every card is handmade by our presentation designer.

Congratulations and best wishes for the happy couple!

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