"The more pasisonate the cook, the better the flavors" -Charles M. Carroll

Friday, May 3, 2013

10 Reasons to Choose Savory for Your Caterer... part 2

If you missed items 10-6 on this list, review them here: 10 Reasons to Choose Savory for Your Caterer...part 1  

5. Since we're a small company we treat you like our friend and not a number.

Trust us, we're not the DMV. Our Chef gets to know each person and create a relationship with every one of our customers. We give our customers our full attention and strive to make your event our best one yet.

4. You are not confined to a set menu   

Our Chef does not like to force you to choose between "option 1" or "option 2". We want this event to be full of foods YOU like. Sometimes we'll go through many revisions of your menu before we find the perfect combination. The possibilities are endless: s'mores bar, home-made root beer, entire roasted pig, mocktails, and so much more!

Our hand-made Kaiser knot sliders come in so many different varieties: sausage, turkey bacon avocado, beef tenderloin, pulled pork, turkey cranberry, etc.
We went out of the box and created this fun frothy blue raspberry mocktail for a baby shower. We love to find new and exciting ideas on pinterest!

3.  Our food is hand-made with fresh ingredients

Since we hand-make about 90% of all our food and only use the freshest ingredients, our food is better tasting. Our Chef makes the extra effort to ensure that you are served the best food. Cutting corners is NOT an option! Don't ever mention using "Cool Whip" as a quick replacement...

Hand-made chicken stock is worlds better than the flavored water in the grocery store they call "chicken stock".

2. Our customers love us

We have heard many times that this is the "best food I've tasted at a reception!" Food plays a major role in any event and we want to help make the event memorable and enjoyable. Here are what some of our other customers have said:
"[It] exceeded my expectations" -Daphni P.
"We wanted to thank you for being part of our special day - we could not have asked for a more lovely reception! You were such a huge part of our day and we are so pleased with how well the food turned out! Your set-up and presentation was absolutely gorgeous and worked so well with our theme! Thank you for your attention to detail and your eye for perfection and beauty! I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments we got on your food!" -Jenelle S.
"Thank you for your AMAZING food provided to our group while visiting Stewart Mountain lodging." -Dan W.

1. A classically trained Chef passionate about quality and having a "depth of flavor"  

Our Chef's mantra is "Life is too short or ordinary food." She has a passion for food that is unrivaled and as such she is adamant about quality and flavor. She regularly creates great flavor combinations; ones that reach your five tastes and spans a variety of textures and flavors so that it changes the way you experience food.

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