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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Reasons to Choose Savory for Your Caterer... part 1

10. Every dish is presented beautifully

 One of the three "P"'s of cooking is Presentation. How the food looks is just as important as how it tastes. At Savory, we plate and display our food so it looks appetizing. It also provides an entertainment factor for the guests- they are excited to try new things because it looks good.

Guava and Coconut parfaits. These single serving parfaits are always a hit at our events.
Even something as basic as fruit is artistically arranged
We love to stack our salads vertically- It makes it much more fun!
This fancy mocktail is served in a crystal martini glass with an edible glitter sugar rimmer

9. No regrets

One of the worst feelings is regret. We're here to help you never feel that after your event! That's why you hire professionals. Our Chef has been catering for 13 years, two of which have been at Savory. She knows the ins and outs of catering and how to make a wonderful event so you won't have any regrets afterwards.

8. Respectful and knowledgeable staff 

Our Savory catering "family" of employees is a great group. We strive to make every event a wonderful occasion for all- host, guests, and crew members. They are very friendly, willing to help and know how to enjoy the moment. We had a customer once remark to us that our "service [was] a 10+!"

7. Decorated buffet table, for free

Remember back on #10 what I said about the presentation of the food being important? Well, the table decorations is just as important. It's doing beautiful food a disservice when it's displayed on a drab and uninviting table. We bring all the necessary platters, risers, and cake stands to fit the style of your event. Best of all, it's included in our service!

This buffet's theme was rustic refined. We had a lot of natural details like tree leaves, burlap and many different kinds of seeds.

This was a silver winter themed table scape. The overriding motif was mirror and glitter. See how the candlelight reflects against the mirror? Beautiful
One of our favorite additions to a buffet is our light box. We have this semi-transparent tray on which we display all kinds of food and let soft lighting shine through. Light on the buffet is very important.
Our displays also include signage. It lets the guests know what we're serving and it helps tie in the theme. For this event it was a traditional rural-Irish theme.

6. Customized menus and flavors to fit your personality

 Our Chef loves to make new dishes that reflect your personality, especially for our brides. This makes the event special and a true celebration of that couple. One couple loves breakfast food so for their luncheon we served all their favorite breakfast foods. 

For this event the couple met in a music class. We incorporated that detail in the garnish for the chocolate creme brulee.

The second part to "10 Reasons to Choose Savory for Your Caterer" is coming soon!

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