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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wonton Chips

Culinary fads are always changing. Our current trend is using Wontons.

Wontons are traditionally found in many Chinese cuisines and are very versatile- usually fried or boiled in many different ways. Now, we've taken this useful item and use it in many different ways. We've...
  • fried strips for a crunchy addition to salad
  • replaced tortilla chips and use fried wonton triangles to dip in our handmade hummus or other flavor dips
  • molded wontons into a cone and filled with salad for an easy grab-and-go appetizer
  • piled duck, sweet potato and mango salsa on a wonton cone for an elegant small bite.
  • stuffed it, fried it and served it with a sweet hot chile dipping sauce

On one of our cooking class nights we folded our stuffed wontons into Bishop's hats and triangles

Our meal from our Asian cooking class night. We dipped the wontons in a dish of Mae Ploy, a sweet chile sauce

Advice from the Chef

Before frying your wontons, make sure to dry them out a little. Peel apart your stack (cut into desired shape) and lay out to dry. This keeps the wontons from forming big bubbles are you fry them. The wontons will stick better and will look better, too.

We like to think outside of the box and serve inventive, creative and lip-smacking food. Follow your taste buds and dream big for the food at your next event!

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