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Monday, June 24, 2013

Quintero Wedding: Luncheon

When Lou went to Culinary school at UVU she became the "Momma Hen" to some of her colleges who were in their early 20's; it has all the perks of watching them "grow up" without out the task of actually parenting them. One of them, Sarah, got married last week and we were so glad when she asked us to cater her wedding.

Sarah had the luncheon and reception at the Fox Hollow Golf Course in American Fork. For the luncheon we served handmade chicken fetuccini, multi-grain rolls, asparagus, a fresh green salad and double chocolate charlottes. Everyone loved the food and kept coming back for seconds.

Everything is ready and piping hot for the guests!

We made these charlottes to match Sarah's colors. They were darling!

On the buffet we accented with candles and this cute yellow and orange ribbon

We had two guests who required lactose and gluten free meals. For their dessert we made this cranberry orange sorbet.

The two culinary buddies. Isn't the bride gorgeous?

Congratulations and best wishes to Nick and Sarah!

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