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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our New Building

If you've followed our blog at all, you'll know that Savory just moved into a new commercial building. It took about a year for us to move into our building, but we're here and we're loving it! We have a lot more storage space, bigger ovens, and we even have a tasting room.

This room is called the bakery, because most of our delicious desserts will be concocted in this room!
We've also utilized above head storage (not pictured). Our disposable wear and buffet decorations are stored on those shelves.
As you can see we're using all the shelves we can get! It's so nice to have a much bigger space, we're not running into each other as often. 
Our building also has a huge walk in freezer and refrigerator, dry storage room, china storage room, and a little office.

Then, there is the tasting room.
I'll do a full post on this room because it really is fantastic, but here are a few teaser photos. This room was designed by Jessie Crandall- She did a great job!

 The room has a modern "grill work" motif throughout the room. It's carried through the room on such pieces as the lamps, the credenza and the rug.

Then we have our front door. I'm a big fan of our striped awning.

Now, a question for you, faithful reader:
 what kind of decoration should we put outside our front door?

Leave your suggestions below and perhaps even a link to a picture of it.

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  1. I would say you should definitely put SAMPLES outside your front door! : )