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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Film Stars

Have you ever had the wish to go back and do something all over again? It doesn't have to be a big life-changing event; it can be something small like hosting a party, a school project, buying furniture, or DIY projects. We think to ourselves, "I would do it so much better this way" or "I learned a lot and wouldn't do this or that next time." With experience comes knowledge.

Well, most people getting married in Utah are getting married for the first time. Some people have a really good idea of what they what while others are still ambivalent on the details. This is part of the reason why you hire wedding professionals like Savory. We have been in the business for a while and we know the do's and don'ts for your wedding.

We also want to share our knowledge with you to make the planning easier. BrideAccess puts out these "How To" videos and we recently filmed one on mocktails!

Going over the script for the video



The finished video:

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