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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Tasting Room

Savory Catering is pleased to present:  
The Tasting Room

 We consulted Jessie Crandall to help us in the design of this room. It's not completely finished yet, but it already looks fabulous!
 With all the leaves in, this table can seat 12 people. 
Perfect for small, formal dinners catered by Savory or for tastings.
 We like to set up the table with different centerpieces. This one has a natural twist to a modern look. We used different colored river rocks and wheat grass for the natural elements.

 This table setting is set for spring! For dinners, guests get to dine on our modern white square china with silverware and water goblets.

 The centerpiece has many different shaped jars with bright colors to reflect the wonderful spectrum of Spring.
We used lemon drops, red hots, and butterscotch candies to fill the jars. We also added some natural elements to the centerpiece like river rocks, flowers, candles, moss, etc.

 Our credenza, or sideboard, is a beautiful piece of furniture.
The credenza has three compartments, great for storing our cake plates and other decorative platters. It has a mirrored front for an extra touch of elegance.
As with our table, we can decorate the sideboard for different occasions. Above, it is decorated with silver and crystal for a specific tasting we had. Below, it has a more modern twist with lots of golds, browns and blacks.
This cozy display is on our metal shelves framing the credenza. We found these items at a local thrift store!
 Above this table hangs this light fixture. The grill work you see on this light is also carried throughout the room in details like the rug and credenza.

This rug is a fun, attention grabbing addition to the room. It is intentionally a random pattern.

The Tasting Room is available for small dinner parties like high school dance group dinners. We can decorate specifically to your event and while you dine on fine cuisine you can enjoy your dinner-and your date- away from the crowd. Contact us today to book your event!

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